Stephen J. Gould, Ph.D., is a professor of biological chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Gould earned his doctoral degree in biology at the University of California, San Diego, where he completed a post-doctoral fellowship. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in aquatic biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 1991 as an assistant professor of cell biology. As a biologist and biochemist, Dr. Gould investigates the formation of HIV particles, which develop as the virus escapes from one cell and infects others. His research has led to the identification of new targets for anti-HIV therapy. Currently, Dr. Gould’s research focuses on the molecular mechanisms behind the biogenesis and uptake of exosomes and microvesicles.  He has organized a number of scientific conferences, delivered scores of invited lectures, published approximately 110 journal articles, and authored and co-authored seven book chapters.

Prof. Stephen J. Gould Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University