Submit Abstracts by
October 1


Also see the current list of speakers.

Preparing Your Abstract


Include in your abstract a sentence stating the study’s objective (unless given in the title); a brief statement of methods, if pertinent; a summary of the results obtained; and a statement of conclusions. (It is not acceptable to state, “the results will be discussed.”)


  • Use a short, specific title. The title should be entered in sentence-style capitalization (i.e. Modeling cytoskeletal structures with Cytosim). Do not use a period, or place your title in quotes or use ALL CAPS.
  • Capitalize initial letters of trade names.
  • Do NOT write names, titles, or abstracts in ALL CAPS. An error message will appear if this occurs.
  • Use standard abbreviations for units of measure; other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis (exceptions: RNA, DNA, etc.).
  • Special Characters: Please use the special character palate if you need to use a special character. If you copy and paste your abstract, please be sure to enter special characters using the palette EVEN IF they seem to appear okay after pasting. If you do NOT use the special palette, your special characters will not appear properly in publication. Please be sure to double check during the “Proofreading” step to ensure all special characters converted properly.
  • Do NOT include tables, charts, or other figures.
  • Be sure to PROOFREAD your work carefully before submission. No changes can be made to any portion of the abstract after the abstract deadline.

Character Limit/Word Count

The abstract text is limited to 2800 characters (~400 words). This limit includes the title and author information. If your abstract exceeds this limit, you will be prompted to shorten it before being allowed to continue.


  • Posters should be 44 inches x 44 inches.
  • All attendees are encouraged to present a poster, even those who are speaking.
  • Posters will be posted by abstract number, which correspond to the speaker number. For presentations that are poster-only, their numbers will be announced in the program booklet.