September 7–9, 2013
Orlando, Florida.

September 7, 2013
Session 1

Stephen J. Gould
Opening Remarks

Douglas Taylor
Comparison of technologies for isolation of specific extracellular vesicle populations

Dolores Di Vizio
Functional and quantitative proteomic analysis of large oncosomes reveals novel effects of extracellular vesicles on the tumor microenvironment

Michael Graner
Brain tumor exosomes stress allegiance in recipient cell signaling: tumor cells under stress and T cells under fire yield to the tumor’s bidding

Leonora Balaj
Heparin affinity purification of extracellular vesicles

Kevin Schey
Quantitative Proteomic Analyses of Human Urine Exosomes: Effect of Dietary Salt

Antonio Chiesi
EXOTEST: an immune-capturing assay for accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis of exosomes from unfractionated plasma samples. A candidate platform for cancer immunodiagnostics

Session 2

Meta Keuhn
Elucidating the mechanical basis for vesicle production by Gram-negative bacteria

Stephen Gould
Exploring the genetics of exosome biogenesis

Natalie Luhtala
Evidence for exosomal secretion of Ras proteins and beta-catenin in glioblastomas

Jolene Read
The reovirus Fusion-Associated Small Transmembrane (FAST) proteins usurp host exosome biogenesis to enhance cell-cell fusion

Pierre Yves-Mantel
Mechanisms of cellular communication in Malaria by parasite-derived microvesicles

Johan Skog

Poster session, refreshments

September 8, 2013
Session 3

Safinur Atay
GIST Exosomes mediated transformation: Role In tumor spread

Masato Mitsuhashi
Aging enhances release of exosomal cytokine mRNAs by Amyloid β1-42-stimulated macrophages and methods to discover RNA and protein factors in exosomes

Cicek Gercel-Taylor
Cargoes of circulating vesicles as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers

Prashanth Vallabhajosyula
Donor organ specific exosome platform for monitoring transplant organ rejection/ injury

Elena Batrakova
Blood-Borne Macrophages Hitchhike Endosome Networks for Brain Delivery of Antioxidant, Catalase

Travis Antes
What’s in the box? Tools and methods to discover RNA and protein factors in exosomes.

Session 4

Lane Christenson
TBA – Vesicles in ovarian development

Yoel Sadovsky

Margaret Petroff
TBA – EMV in pregnancy

Emanuele Cocucci
Visualization of extracellular vesicles membrane traffic in real time

Mikhail Skliar
Comparison of hydrodynamic and geometric size distribution of exosomes

Emily Zeringer

Poster session

September 9, 2013
Session 5

Sai Kiang Lim
MSC exosome restores tissue homeostasis to ameliorate tissue injury and enhance repair

Winston Kao
Transplantation of Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cures the Corneal Defects of Mucopolysaccharidosis VII Mice

Theresa Whiteside
Tumor-derived exosomes (TEX) induce changes of the mRNA profile in human regulatory T cells

Paul Robbins
Immune regulation by antigen-presenting cell (APC) and tumor derived exosomes

Vilma R. Martins
Neurotrophic properties of the prion protein ligand the co-chaperone STI1 that is secreted in extracellular vesicles (EVs) by astrocytes

Anne Sandstrom

Session 6

Stefano Fais
Exosomes: the prototype of biomimetism in Nanomedicine and the future of theranostic

Ken Witwer

Ionita Ghiran

Antonio de Maio
Insertion of Hsp70 into membranes is the initial step in the release of the protein within extracellular vesicles

Taku Murakami
Urine exosome capture device to quantify glomerulus-, tubule-, and collecting duct-specific mRNA as a novel platform for the assessment of kidney function